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Most people go through great lengths to winterize their house and car, yet they neglect to give the body's largest organ the same level of care. Is it any wonder they can't shake that dry, itchy skin during the winter months? No doubt the drop in temperatures, combined with low low humidity and indoor heating, can strip the skin of moisture and causes dryness and cracking. Making a few simple changes to your daily skin care routine in the winter months can help set off this problem.


When it comes to skin care routines, there is no such thing as one size fits all. Many people find that they must use separate skin care regimens in the summer and winter. When the relative humidity, inside drops below 60 percent, your skin begins to lose moisture, causing you to feel the dryness and itching that irritates so many during the winter months. Changing your skin care regimen to address the change in humidity is an important factor for maintaining healthy winter skin.


In addition to moisturizers, certain cosmetic ingredients, such as antioxidants, can provide added benefits to your skin care routine in the winter. On an average day, your skin is exposed to pollution and ultra violet rays from the sun that can cause aging and other damage. Yet during the winter, extra time spent indoors may increase your exposure to cigarette smoke, which leads to free radical formation and can increase the skin;'s aging process. Antioxidants can counteract these free radicals and help to prevent aging skin, and skin cancer.


If you are having trouble dealing with your skin, in spite of the weather, schedule an appointment with us so that we can work with you to devise a personal skin care regimen.

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