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Skin experiences certain characteristics with different age ranges. Mineral makeup not only provides excellent coverage, but it also contains ingredients to keep skin healthy.

  • Twenties—skin cells begin to lose moisture and fine lines can begin to form around the eye and lip area. Acne also can be apparent due to hormonal changes. Maintain proper skin protection and use a mineral makeup that contains antioxidants to help hydrate the skin and combat the first signs of fine lines.

  • Thirties—the skin is drier; collagen and elastin begin to break down and the delicate tissue under the eyes begins to thin. Skin pigmentation begins to appear and the visual signs of aging can become noticeable. Look for mineral makeup that offers complete UV protection through the properties of natural mineral titanium dioxide and zinc oxide.

  • Forties—Deeper lines form around the mouth and eyes and the skin loses more of its elastic qualities. Damaged skin tone and texture appear. Blotches, freckles and age spots become more noticeable and the skin needs both nutrients and a bit of pick-me-up. Mineral makeup with antioxidants helps to regenerate and produce healthy cells and a broad spectrum UV protection to combat further damage.

  • Fifties and beyond—the skin becomes thinner and more fragile, less able to retain moisture and form collagen and elastin, which results in sagging skin. Repairing and preventing further damage is necessary. You can dramatically reduce the appearance of fine lines with mineral makeup that contains vitamins A, C, E, and K, and green tea extract.


Ask your skin care professional how to properly apply mineral makeup and which ingredients are best for your skin type.

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