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Massage Therapy

If you are new to massage it can be a world of the unknown to you and therefore intimidating. There are many myths about massage and a little of the unknowns. As a professionally licensed massage therapist I take the care and well-being of my clients very seriously as well as educating the public on the facts of massage so that you can make the most educated decision for yourself.In Pennsylvania a Massage Therapist must possess an active state license readily available to view as well as active insurance.

Therapist must have knowledge of:

  • Massage and bodywork assessment and application

  • Anatomy, Physiology, Kinesiology, Pathology, and CPR

  • PA legal requirements, business practices, and professional ethics

  • Contraindications(areas that injure) and universal precautions for communicable diseases

  • Fundamentals of human behavior and respect for clients

A Massage Therapist Must Obtain:

  • HIPPA certification

  • Mandated Child Reporting certification

  • Child Abuse clearance

  • Pass a Pennsylvania State Police Criminal Background Check

  • Certification of Good Moral Character by professional reference

Any person under 18 years old must have a parent or guardians accompany them at all times in the treatment room. It is best to check ahead with the establishment’s policy on minors.

Picking your Massage Therapist is just as important as picking your family doctor. You want to feel comfortable with your therapist so that you can tell them exactly what you need and what you don’t want or need. You should never feel real pain during a treatment. You should never feel uncomfortable. You want a therapist who you feel confident in to address your needs as they may change as your daily activities change. You may find the right therapist on the first time or you may need to visit a few too choose.

What May Be Expected From You:

  • Please keep your scheduled appointment or cancel within 24 hours. Massage Therapist work off of the same scheduling system as your PCP and some establishments may charge a fee so please check ahead.

  • Please arrive as fresh as possible so that the therapist may make you as refreshed as possible.

  • If you have had a recent injury please seek clearance from your doctor prior to your appointment.

  • If you are injured please see a doctor first, a massage therapist may not diagnose an injury or illness.

As you can imagine there are many styles and variations of massage therapy, it is best to research a few styles or modalities so that you have a better understanding of what aligns with you. REMEMBER this is your time and all about you and each Massage Therapist want to help you be the best you can!

Massage was used to treat ailments and injuries even before Hippocrates wrote “The physician must be experienced in many things, but assuredly in rubbing” in BC 440. Massage has been such an integral part of medicine that in the US, starting in the 20th Century, nurses gave nightly massages to patient to aid in pain relief and help the patient to relax and rest.


As the modern advancement of medicine grew so did the nurses’ responsibilities and massage was phased out as a part of a daily routine for patients. Now in the 21st Century people are once again exploring the avenue of massage therapy as an alternative way to treat pain and discomfort without using prescription medicine. Athletes have long used massage therapist as a part of their training routines to stay in top shape as preventative care for their bodies. Massage also is on the front lines of stress relief and relaxation.


See Wellness Therapy for massage pricing.

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