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My son who had moderate to severe acne, including some acne cysts, was being treated by a dermatologist with prescription antibiotics and creams. After several months of treatment with only fair results, he said my son should begin treatment with Accutane. I was worried about the side effects of this powerful drug, no to mention the cost. A friend told me to try skin treatments with Pat Santini. We couldn't believe the results after just one visit! It has been about three months now and my son's face is completely clear with no acne cysts. Pat has taught my son how to keep his skin acne free and looking great. Her treatments and products are all natural and contain no drugs. I couldn't be more pleased with the results, and would not hesitate to recommend these treatments to anyone.


Joyce Graham



As a client, I have been seeing Pat Santini for many years for electrolysis and general skin-care for my face. Trusting in Pat's expertise has allowed me to seem to defy aging, having skin that looks far better today than it did over 20 years ago! Thanks Pat for over 20 years of care!


Paula Robinson



I just wanted to write to tell you that I love the electrolysis work you did for me! The lower abdomen did scab intensely and I maintained and cared for it as you instructed and it has healed beautifully! The axillae region was so well done that when a few started poking out in the middle, I felt confident enough to shave them in order to wear a sleeveless shirt. With previous electrolysis, I was always too discouraged to even bother shaving or wearing a sleeveless top because there were always so many stray hairs on the "outskirts" of the axillae region. You gave me a really clean look.


I agree with you not allowing too much time to pass between treatments and that recommendation is important. Thanks again for the wonderful work!


Diane Yackuboskey



My name is Carl and I have been having electrolysis done for about a year and a half now. The hair I am having removed is on the upper back and shoulders due to the heat I feel from the thickness of it. My experience with electrolysis has been very positive and rewarding. I feel cooler in the hot months and free to wear collar t-shirts without the unsightly hair showing.


A Nu U Aesthetics and Electrolysis Center has experience technicians and are friendly and welcoming with each visit. The facility is always clean, well kept and comfortable. The technicians are concerned about practicing sterilization techniques before and after treatments. I have tried laser hair removal in the past with less satisfying results. A Nu U Aesthetics and Electrolysis Center is knowledgeable about the effects of both laser treatments and waxing vs. electrolysis. I would recommend their services and experience to anyone that wants to advance personally through consultation or treatments.


I am pleased with my treatments and time spent at A Nu U Aesthetics and Electrolysis Center and would recommend their services to anyone looking for permanent hair removal.




I have finally found the most terrific massage therapist. Phenomenal. She also teaches stretches that are beneficial to ease your discomforts when you are home. She is a keeper! Elsie's touch is very sensitve and her knoweldge of the muscle extensions and pressure points!!!


Linda Palm


I have been a client of reflexologist Joyce Dupak for quite a while. She is a kind, caring,  generous provider who gears her treatments to your individual needs. She goes out of her way to ensure your comfort while working. To stay abreast of the latest information available about reflexology, she regularly attends continuing education courses. Because of her expertise, she is sought out to teach reflexology for several wellness programs in the area. I highly recommend Joyce Dupak for her skill as a reflexologist.


Melanie Hutskow



Wow, what can I say to express what a difference going to Joyce Dupak has done for my health. Back in 2013, I was given a prescription for mega doses of iron and vitamin D because I was extremely low in both. After a week of taking them, I started experiencing very scary side effects which lasted for 3 months, digestive tract issues and constant vertigo. I was home bound. During these 3 months I was in the ER and had to undergo several invasive tests to try to figure out what could be done to help me.  I received no answers from the medical establishment.


In August of 2013, a friend drove me to a class, Relaxology, taught by Joyce Dupak, at Angora Gardens in White Oak. My medical issues were causing me a lot of stress and Relaxology sounded like something I could use to help me during this difficult time. During the class I learned, for the first time, about Reflexology. I was a bit skeptical at first but was desperate to get my life back, so I scheduled my first appointment. When I arrived, I was made to feel right at home and comfortable. I could tell Joyce genuinely cared and she was so knowledgable! After my second visit I had no vertigo and was able to eat without getting sick. Joyce and reflexology were my answer to prayer. I continue to get treatments from Joyce, as needed, for all different health reasons with great results. I highly recommend Joyce to you.



Gerri Ellen Jalosky


Joyce is one powerful energy worker. Every session is unique because she can tell what I need in short order. Whether a Reflexology, Relaxology or combination treatment, I always leave with a bounce in my step and a smile on my face. Love her energy!


Lynn Alms

Edgewood PA

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